Integrated Facilities Management

Facility Management Services provided by Widad Builders is divided into 3 categories as follows:


We carry out timely inspection of facilities on a regular basis and follow best maintenance practices to ensure optimum cost, effectiveness and efficiency.


We provide round the clock coverage making use of our expertise and latest technology to ensure total customer satisfaction.


We advise our customer in Design, Build and perform all upgrading works within the premises.


Property Management

Interior & exterior building cleaning. Hard & soft landscaping. Security & monitoring. Pest & hygiene control. Garbage disposal services. Swimming pool maintenance.

Mechanical & Electrical

Air-conditioning system. Fire prevention system. Electrical & lighting system. Lifts, escalators & walkalators.

Civil & Structural

Civil engineering works. Building works. Mechanical sanitary & water engineering works. Jungle clearing & land preparation. Specialist civil engineering works.

Types of Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Involves usage of specialised tools and equipments to identify, repair and solve equipment problems at an early stage.

Preventive Maintenance

Involves maintenance works performed on a planned schedule which includes inspection, servicing and cleaning.

Predictive Maintenance

Involves using high end monitoring tools to detect any malfunctions early before any breakdown can occur.

Corrective Maintenance

Involves immediate repair works due to equipment or machinery failure.

Other Areas of Expertise

Facilities Management. Mobilization and Demobilization Management. Transition Management. Financial Management. Utilities Management. Quality Management. Risk Management. Health, Safety and Environmental Management. Human Resource Management. Customer Care Management. Incident Response and Disaster Recovery Management. Procurement Management. Inventory Management. Operation and Maintenance Management. Information System Management. Management Review and Reporting. Warranty Management. Energy Management and Conservation. Waste and Redundant Materials. Technical Library. Security Management. Event Management. Asset Condition Appraisal